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estledaire latest highlights

🤍Streaming Releases!🤍



My second digital release of the song, punctured punctuality,  goes live!


click here for punctured punctuality


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My first digital release of the title song of my album, under my hat went live!
Now you can stream the song on all major streaming platforms.

click here for under my hat

And please
and share far and wide!


!!!BIG NEWS!!!



BIG NEWS, I've just submitted my debut RELEASE of a song, that will be distributed on the biggest digital platforms.

Today I released the song, under my hat !

I've been somehow holding back before, then got really close to completing the nerve-wracking procedure, and then have been hovering on the edge of doing this for months!

It still has to sink in!

Please go to the
Pre Save link here:

And please
SPREAD THE L🤍VE and share far and wide!

rising creator, facebook milestone


Woohoo, a little milestone reached in Facebook...or does Facebook say this to all the bands?

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we are GEMA members at last!


We're happy to announce, that we are now official GEMA members!

"GEMA; "Society for musical performing and mechanical reproduction rights", is a government-mandated collecting society and performance rights organization based
in Germany.

GEMA represents the usage/author's rights  (like various types of licensing) for the musical works of its members - composers, lyricists, and publishers.

Click for more info about GEMA

18 June from 11h00
estledaire at Wege zu Musik, Heldenfingen


1 April 10:30 - 13
estledaire at the Gmünder Showfenster


As usual the Showfenster is great fun, even in the changeable April weather.
Thanks to all who supported us, despite the cold.


Click for more info about the Showfenster: Remszeitung Article.


"Zweispänner" with special guest, estledaire

"Zweispänner" - Klaus Brosowski and Axel Nagel

27 January 2023

Cafehaus Gutmann

From 19h30
Reservations: 07161 354 400-1


In 2018 I saw duo, Axel Nagel and
Klaus Brosowski, live for the first time and was electrified by their interpretations and on-stage chemistry.

Since then it's been my dream to perform with them, and now, invited as a guest, I finally have the chance!

For the last two years, "Zweispänner" have played in the Viennese coffee house:
Café Gutman (Göppingen).


Once a month the duo perform their musical capers in genres spanning soul, blues and some unexpectedly off the wall songs. (The wife who nags her husband to change the bathroom taps, being an example of a song topic!)

The two also include special songs from the Viennese Scene.

Old Viennese songs meet popular bands from today.


It is my great pleasure to join the duo, performing a few of my songs as well as a surprise cover that I've been waiting for the right band to do!

2 Swabians with Viennese "Schmäh",
add a Scottish-Saffir to the mix...

what could go wrong?

About Café Gutmann

About Axel

About Klaus

our first music video is on YouTube!

22 November 2022

We released our first music video, of the song, under my hat the title song of our first album.

I always knew my first album would be called "under my hat". It symbolises the releasing of the songs on the album as well as other creative ideas, that I kept a secret because of shyness.

After a major life-shift it was a case of "it's now or never". In this pivotal time I wrote the song, which is about overcoming your doubts to realise your dream. All the images in the song are from moments of my life - especially my childhood in South Africa. Living in a landlocked part of Germany, we needed some artistic licence to symbolically represent the themes of the song, recreating memories made in another country, but using symbols that are universal.

Hats off to Lennart Westendorf, the magic creator, who made our concept a reality, added his own special touch to the original concept, as well as surprising us with some wonderful spontaneous footage, that he secretly filmed when we weren't looking! It really is everything we could have hoped for!

We are complete YouTube novices, so we are extremely happy that our tiny channel, which only went public this week, has already generated almost 900 views, we are so grateful!

Please share this song with anyone who needs encouragement to go for their dreams! It's not always easy, there are set-backs along the way, but it's so worth it, the journey itself is the most valuable part of it!

With love and joy

estledaire: recent highlights

22 September 2022

The artists for the Open Mic event at KUBAA on Thursday, September 22, at 7:45 p.m. are waiting in the wings.

Songwriters Tanya Matefi and
Tobias Brunner will be on stage accompanied by the KUBAA house band.

Michael Diebold and Britta Schmid will present Swabian duets. And Dietmar Wiegolsch will devote himself to poetry.

As usual, the host of an evening of fun is the irrepressible Michael Flechsler.

KUBAA Stage Info:

estledaire at KUBAA stage


Sadly illness prevented us from joining one of our favourite events this year. :(

17 July 2022

estledaire live from 11h00 - 15h00

We always have fun at the Wege Zu Kunst art event in Heldenfingen, where the whole village becomes a big gallery to showcase arts, crafts and live music.

We are especially happy to participate for the third time this year, after the event was cancelled due to Corona in 21.

We've got a new location this year, and are joining our friends, the Fire Department, for some smoking hot music!

Wege Zu Kunst 2022 Details:

Wege Zu Kunst Concept:

estledaire at Wege zu Kunst

estledaire solo at 3. Ellwangen ist Bunt

10 July 2022

estledaire live from 11h30 - 12h30

"A special scent wafts through the city on Saturday and Sunday.

Different nationalities living in Ellwangen present themselves and delight with culinary delicacies from 13 different countries.

In the centre of our city there will be music, dance, singing, art exhibitions, information and action booths as well as play activities for children along Spital- and Marienstraße."

estledaire, all the way from the rainbow nation of South Africa, was happy to step in at the last minute, bringing her own tones to the colours of Ellwangen.


Ellwangen ist Bunt: more details:


estledaire at Göppingen Kulturnacht

25 June 2022
Free admission

We had a blast on Saturday on the main stage of the Göppingen Kulturnacht in the beautiful Schloßplatz, with a wonderful audience!

Having David Müller joining us on Bass Guitar
provided the FATT sound that gave us goosebumps!


estledaire at the Gmünder Showfenster

17WhatsApp Image 2022-05-09 at 7.45.52 AM.jpeg

Well, as soon as we heard about the concept of the
Schwäbisch Gmünd Showfenster,
we knew that it was exactly the thing for us!
And yes, as expected, we had the best time ever
and raised money for Doctor's without Borders.

We had such a wonderful, lively session in the morning, with many people on their way to market, stopping to enjoy and families hanging out and participating in all our gags, that we just kept playing after the finish time, for another 40 mins, because the crowd were so enthusiastic, people dancing and singing along, little kids pressing their noses up against the glass, fascinated!
Such a super fun concept, just love it!
Thanks to the event organisers,
Axel Nagel and Kevin Roth.

Click for more info about the Showfenster: Remszeitung Article.


estledaire at kultur im café
naturtheater heidenheim

We really enjoyed our intimate concert in the café
, despite the impact Corona and the regular flu had on turn-out!

© Foto: Rudi Penk

Translation of review-extracts:

"estledaire" created an intimate concert on Friday evening in the Heidenheimer Naturtheater.
The duo are the South African singer-songwriter Tanya Matefi and guitarist Armin Otto.

"Under my hat",  the title of the singer's debut album, is a symbol for the South African of releasing ideas that have been held close. And she doesn't need to look far for inspiriation, as she usually finds the themes for her songs in her personal experiences, which include wistful memories of Cape Town, in her homeland, as well as finding her new place in the world.

Four seasons in one day
The duo also cover songs, such as "Four seasons in one day", by Crowded House.
Perhaps Matefi felt an affinity to the song, because she also experienced these kind of weather-changes in Cape Town. Since Matefi often finds the themes for her songs in her immediate vicinity, weather conditions both in South Africa and in Germany also have their impact on her music.
Guitarist Otto said jokingly: "You can experience one season all year round here
in Germany - always cold."

The Corona-limited crowd listened with rapt attention, to the gentle tones of "estledaire", in an almost devotional atmosphere, which particularly suited melancholy songs like
"Seasonless Summer".

Roots in Scottish folk
While some of the singer's musical roots lie in Scottish folk ballads, many other kinds of music, including gospel music have had an influence on her too.

The comic song "[Talina] in a box" is about her dog, a "mixture of teddy bear and sheep" who has guarded the singer from the loneliness of her life in a new country, which nevertheless can be traced through many of her songs.


Cover versions were particularly well received by the audience.
Songs like "You've Got a Friend" by Carol King, "Scarborough Fair" by Simon and Garfunkel or
"In the Air Tonight" by Phil Collins gave us the proverbial goose bumps.

"estledaire" introduced a very special song entitled "wholesome". This piece was simply "there" in its entirety, when she woke up one morning. The melody and lyrics practically wrote themselves and were on paper within two minutes. As is often the case in Matefi's songs, it is about the spiritual experience of healing and becoming whole.

It is clear in songs like these that with Matefi the boundaries between song writing and poetry are blurred again and again.


estledaire on radio fips

estledaire was on the english breakfast, radio fips on
Wednesday, 08.12.21 and
Saturday, 11.12.21, 11am

You can hear the interview podcast at the link below:


Album Release Reviews:

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