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estledaire is a South African singer-songwriter, writer, poet, graphic designer and band, based in Germany.

Perhaps it's estledaire's Scottish roots, that add a Celtic touch to the many influences of her songs, which range from folk ballads to catchy, up-tempo pop songs, with soul and jazz elements, which she sings and accompanies on acoustic and classic guitar.

The songs reflect her impressions, the influence of Africa and her heritage, the yearning for home, and the finding of her place in the world.

Songs that always express gratitude and hope, even in challenging times.

Relationships, parting, growing, accepting are themes that weave through these stories captured in sound.

estledaire's debut album,
under my hat, features Armin Otto on guitar and mentor-producer Axel Nagel (winner of the 2019 German Pop and Rock prize) on guitars, vocals and diverse instruments.

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estledaire at the Gmünder Showfenster

17WhatsApp Image 2022-05-09 at 7.45.52 AM.jpeg

Well, as soon as we heard about the concept of the
Schwäbisch Gmünd Showfenster,
we knew that it was exactly the thing for us!
And yes, as expected, we had the best time ever
and raised 150€ for Doctor's without Borders.

We had such a wonderful, lively session in the morning, with many people on their way to market, stopping to enjoy and families hanging out and participating in all our gags, that we just kept playing after the finish time, for another 40 mins, because the crowd were so enthusiastic, people dancing and singing along, little kids pressing their noses up against the glass, fascinated!
Such a super fun concept, just love it!
Thanks to the event organisers,
Axel Nagel and Kevin Roth.

Click for more info about the Showfenster: Remszeitung Article.

estledaire at kultur im café
naturtheater heidenheim

We really enjoyed our intimate concert in the café
, despite the impact Corona and the regular flu had on turn-out!


© Foto: Rudi Penk

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